Morning campers.

I have had Psoriasis for over 50 yrs and must have tried most things when younger.

A few years ago I tried Tesco’s basic moisterizing soap and miricle of miricles it cleared me.

But now they don’t do it and low and behold it’s back with a vengence.

Wondering if any fellow sufferers on here have found any soap usefull or good for them.




I get Doublebase Gel from my GP. Its a really good moisturiser and works for me. Hope this helps. Steve


I use Aqueous cream as a soap and Oilatum for having a soak in,both from the GP.


My son uses ‘doublebase’(gel) and ‘aveeno’ for his eczema(available in lotion and cream). Aveeno also do a bath/shower oil. His eczema seems to be in control using these without having to use the steroid cream.

You can buy over the counter but can get expensive so i have it on prescription.

Not sure if it will help psoriasis though but worth a try.

Another one to try is aqeous cream (boots do a big pot and pretty cheap). Its a good moisturiser but for my little boy not as effective as the other two.

Aqeous cream is water based and aveeno has oatmeal added.

Doublebase gel has liquid paraffin added. My son tells me this is the best as it stops the itch and it soothes the area quicker.

Hope that helps


Have you googled the one that you currently use? Someone somewhere might do it, worth a try Sue x

You could try phoning Tesco head office and asking to speak to the Health & Beauty Category Buying Manager (I think soap will be in their Health & Beauty category). They should be able to tell you who made the soap for them and whether or not it is also available as a branded product. If they can tell you who made the soap, ask for a contact number there (although you can probably find it on-line). Give them a ring and see if they make the same soap for any other retailer. Hopefully the soap is still available somewhere, but if it isn’t, you could ask them for a list of ingredients and then try and find alternatives that are similar.

If you struggle to get through to someone by phone at Tesco head office (although you shouldn’t, from my experience), try sending them a letter.

Karen x

There’s a cream called dream cream from the store lush - it’s brilliant stuff!

Hi Ronin

My son uses Emulsiderm bath soak (on prescription) as a soap in the shower and also as a bath soak (it leaves a nice, greasy film that he never thinks to rinse away ). He is 19 now and has had psoriasis since he was 3 months old. Last year it became much worse due to the stress of his A levels and the loss of my mum (he was very close to her) so now he takes methatrexate on top of the gels and creams applied topically. He also had the full course of UV treatment at the hospital which helped a lot and they prescribed the methatrexate and monitor him carefully.

We have a rule in our house - I’m not allowed to complain about dry skin and he’s not allowed to complain about aching muscles. We are each allowed a monopoly on those complaints lol.

I do hope you find something that works for you. I used to feel so helpless when I watched him scratch until his skin bled; he says on bad days nothing relieves the itchiness. I bought a book once when he was little and threw it in the bin when I got to a sentence which said that psoriasis was not painful or itchy …

Tracey x

I used to have very bad eczema in my 20s, and I was advised to use Sebamed by a Dermatologist and I’ve used it ever since. They do a whole range of products like shampoo and facial wash. Available without prescription, but not everything in the range is available in the UK. Best to have a look on the Internet. What you eat is also important. No dairy or processed foods, stuff with artificial colours, flavours etc, and taking fish oil helps. I think stress plays a large part, too.

Psoriasis is another auto-immune disease - so a high dose of Vitd3 is needed. Psoriasis responds to sunlight which we do not have enough of. l use Doublebase - and Epsom Salts [magnesium] in your bath water is excellent for all skin problems and aching joints. l take magnesium along with my vitd3 - and l use the oil spray on my joints.

Shame about the soap Ronin - have you still one of the old soap wrappers - it should tell you what it contains - or not contains so you could see what else will help. Do contact Tescos and ask if it is made perhaps under a different name. Bars of soap are a bit out of ‘fashion’ now - as the liquid soap seems more popular. Perhaps they do it in a liquid pump container.