Mobility Scooters and a mean comment by ME!!

Yesterday, whilst out having a girly shopping day, I was looking for my sister who had wandered off in Debenhams (other shops are available). I was sat on my mobility scooter when a man stood aside to let me pass. As I did so, he commented,

‘I could do with one of those!’

I stopped, look him straight in the face and said,

‘If you’re lucky, you can get MS too!’

I carried on looking for my sister, feeling really mean. Totally ruined my day. I felt so guilty. He was probably trying to say something to me to detract from the fact I was obviously diabled. I’m sure he wasn’t trying to upset me…I usually THINK before speaking and tell others not to listen to what people SAY, but what they’re trying to say!

I saw him again a few minutes later, (still looking for my sister) and he looked away, appearing very embarrassed. I bet he’ll never try to lighten a situation again…

On the plus side I probably won’t remember in a few weeks!!

“On the plus side I probably won’t remember in a few weeks!!”

Now that made me giggle…

Don’t beat yourself up, we all get paranoid with this disease sometimes, hope you have better days on your buggy.

Can’t belive that I put the phone down on my brother a few weeks ago, I feel ashamed and a tiny bit proud!


I’m the same - I HATE to cause offence unless I’ve done it on purpose!

We are very often the ones who have to be the grown-ups in an exchange when people who do not have MS say things about our problems that are crass, or inappropriate, or unintentionally hurtful or upsetting, and nine times out of ten we manage to grit our teeth and make allowances, cut them a bit of slack, refuse to take offence and do all the hard work to keep things pleasant.

But we are also human, and now and again we are in a bad mood, or just can’t be arsed to rise above stupid comments! That’s OK - we are not expected to be saints. Not all the time, anyway.

Don’t worry about it. It happens, and that’s OK. Thank you for sharing, BTW.