moaning old tart...

dear all

hope everyone is ok… following a 5 day series of iv steroids last week, i have again been signed off work due to adverse reactions, including increased dizziness and mega-crap balance, hot/cold in left hand side, insomnia (as expected), massive bloating etc. has anyone else had a similar crap time after their steroids? this is 3rd time i’ve had iv steroids but not had this crappy after-period. ms nurse thinks its just unfortunate luck rather than any other telling sign

i must admit to being somewhat hacked off as its my birthday today, i missed my treat of seeing ‘blur’ at hyde park AND i have a suspected infection ‘downstairs’ as is really sore. i’ve moaned about the last two things already, but as per the title i reserve the right to be one, ESPECIALLY on my birthday!


happy birthday.

feel what your going thru. I’m was a crappy old fart at the weekend. Not because of my ms (I’m sp)

I missed the foo fighters at wembley as the lead singer fell of the stage and broke his leg. It’s me with ms not him.

take care


thanks neil- v kind of you. i heard about mr grohl taking a tumble… at his age as well eh? are you seeing them when they presumably reschedule? they’re v good if i remember rightly from seeing them at ‘v’ back in the day.

take care, cheers fluffy

Aw no! Hope you’re rescheduling your birthday, totally sucks when life takes a poop on you on a special day, so you should absolutely get to celebrate on a different day instead. Hope all the current yuk scarpers, sharpish!

thanks jelly- that’s really kind of you. i think that this sunday is my rescheduled day, where my wife and kids are planning something… i am partly hoping an exorcism hehe.

hope all is well with you x

Awwww poor you. On your birthday too.

Steroids are horrible aren’t they? But just thing how much happier you will feel if they do their stuff!!!

Hope you feel better soon and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Shazzie xx

And now, an exorcism on Sunday to look forward to! You’ll be making us all jealous, Ollie!

thanks for your kind wishes shazzie- fingers crossed they start doing something good soon. hope all is well with you xx

i know, my cup runneth over… who says life begins at forty (well, forty-two)

Happy belated birthday.

Jan x