What a Roller Coaster Week!!

Well I’m on steroids again!!! To cut long story short I woke up last Saturday with a very blurry left eye. I put off ringing anyone until Tuesday as I was hoping it would sort itself. I rang my GP who to give him his due was very helpful. He rang my consultants secretary, who got a message through to MS nurse (who I at that time had no contact numbers). Between them all th ey got me on antibiotics whilst we waited to see if was a bladder infection and got a referral to acute eye centre for following day incase anything else. Wasn’t, the optic nerve inflamed and bladder result negative. So they’ve got me on steroids. And monitoring how fast I have next flare up as was only on steroids in June. To be honest just seems to be one constant flare up at moment with them never ending!!! She’s told me to ring with any changes etc so Dr Cossburn knows how thick and fast they are coming. Have been a bit of a mess this week. Sorry whinge over and I’m sure you don’t want all the ins and outs but I needed to jump somewhere, as I’m really trying to keep a brave face for boys etc but inside I’m screaming and shouting!!! Sarah s Ps hope everyone else ok?

Here’s hoping the steroids work quickly!

Karen x

Thanks Karen, yes i hope so as I’ve spent most of this afternoon in bed!! Love Sarah xx

Hi Sarah

sorry to hear you’re on steroids again. Glad to hear you’re resting up. Hoping you have a speedy recovery.


PS: don’t feel bad about sharing. It’s why we’re all here :slight_smile: