Call That a Diagnosis?


I presented with optic neuritis just over a month ago.

I’d had two previous ‘trapped nerve’ incidents so I was sent for an MRI.

The eye clinic treating me have now handed me on to the neurology dept.

I manfully refused the suggested 500mg Medrone treatment.

My eyesight began to return to normal (ish) but then yesterday the pain arrived and I gave in to the proferred steriods.

My GP phoned the neurology dept to chiviy along my appointment then told me that I would be seen very soon but in the meantime I might like to check out the MS websites so I would have some informed questions to ask the neurologist.

Do you think they’re trying to tell me something?

My progress to this point can be found here:


Hello and welcome to the site

Well, that was a subtle way of introducing the possibility of MS (NOT!)

It does sound like it’s rather on the cards, but you never know.

I hope the steroids help.

Karen x

Ahoy Karen!

Ain’t no easy way to tell ppl these sort of things I 'spose.

Cup of tea would have been nice though.

On a lighter note…

Wow! the steroids have changed everything and it’s only the first day.

The pain has been reduced to a ‘reminder’ if I glance to far to the left.

My GF says I’m the happiest I’ve been for two weeks.

It’s easy to forget that the ones closest to you have to watch you suffer and some times get short shrift from sufferers wrapped up in their own misfortune.

I think it’s odds on I’ve developed MS.

It could be worse.

I can’t wait to meet the neurologist!

I know from all the research I’ve done they’ll have about as much idea as I have about what’s going to happen to me next.