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when i was younger well at 3 months old i was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis was in a medical journal as well! anyway after numerous operations getting the tumours removed off my nerve endings (only on my feet!!) and having the cafe-au-lait marks ,operations done at gt ormand st and guys when i was 16, i was told by a genetisist that i didnt have nf1 but didnt know what it was and goodbye.

well after seeing someone on jk show (i know im sad) thought tonight id look it up… few things sttood out kids have behaivour probs 2 of my kids have adhd, scoliosis, my youngest they think he has this, and the symptons when older are tingling, numbness and pain!!!

sooo dont no what to think i know im just guessing but when i asked dr to see a neuro was told better off seeing a rhemy which is in jan, should i mention this when i have my nerve conduction test next week or not bother until i see the rhemy??