Advice and support please

Hi all. I am a 30 year old mother of 4. My first symptom was about 8 years ago when my left thigh would go numb and feel like rubber. I never paid too much attention to it because it was quite short lived and only happened twice in a year. Then it all started after having my last child 2 and half years ago. I had gestational diabetes which after the birth was diagnosed as type 2 and I was told I was deficient in b12. I have injections every 3 months for the b12. My symptoms are now pain in my legs, tingling and burning in my feet. An awful crazy itchy crawling feeling in a patch over my shoulder blade. My right hand goes numb and pins and needles. I also have a twitch in my right eye and an occasional twitch in my leg. My GP sent me to a neurologist within 3 weeks. I saw him on 6th March, he didn’t seem concerned after doing his checks. He sent me for nerve conduction and MRI of brain and c spine,I had all this yesterday. The nerve conduction was done on my right side and the consultant said this was normal and no need for EMG. I’m confused by everything. I guess with having diabetes and b12 deficiency they wanted to see if I had neuropathy but does anyone know why they wouldn’t do the Emg. I am terrified at the thought of having MS but also when I Google (I know I shouldn’t) it bring up and/Als - I’m getting myself so worried and worked up. Thanks for reading x

hi JC

please don’t worry yourself sick.

your priority is to your children.

telling you not to get stressed is just asking for you to reply “WHAT!” “HOW!” but believe me stress causes symptoms to get worse.

take stock of everything you do, there will be a lot of non essential stuff that can be axed (i dumped the ironing years ago - nobody ever died of a wrinkled shirt).

take up every offer of help.

share the school run with other parents.

treat yourself to small things that make a big difference to your quality of life.

have millions of cuddles with your kids, cuddles are the best therapy.

hope the results of the mri are easy for you to accept.

carole x


If your nerve conduction test was normal, then I would imagine there wouldn’t be any stray neural messages going to your muscles. EMG stands for Electromyography, which is a method of evaluating muscle function by detecting and measuring electrical activity in the muscle. So you can see why it wouldn’t be necessary to test your muscles in this way.

If the neurologist is checking for MS (among other things, neurology related), an EMG wouldn’t be that common a test. Most of us have had MRI scans, nerve conduction tests, Evoked Potential tests and maybe a Lumbar Puncture.

So as you’ve had an MRI, it’ll be that which is going to give the neurologist the most information about what’s been causing your symptoms. Hopefully you won’t wait too long for results.

Try to stay away from Googling neurological disorders. They’ll only worry you more, there’s no good news ever gained from googling.

Hopefully you can put it out of your mind a bit. Try telling yourself there’s nothing you can do to change the diagnosis process and what will be will be. If you are diagnosed with MS or something else, you will deal with it, because there is no other choice.