Hi new.

Hi,i am new to this site and just would like some support really,i have just seen a neurologist and i was unable to complete any of the tests i could not touch my nose with my finger or walk in straight line with out falling over or when i shut my eyes legs together i nearly fell onto her! i had very little responce on my left side from the reflex test.I had my first eposode in my early 20’s when my right thumb went numb and i had heavy legs i saw a neuro then and had tests but they said due to my age etc it was more likely to be a trapped nerve and after 3mths i seemed to get better but i did suffer from fatigue on and off,5 years ago i had my 3rd son and following his birth was very ill after which i had sever fatigue,pains in my arms and legs strange sensations crawling or water running down my legs when their was nothing i was after loads of tests diognosed with Fibromyalgia and given pain killers and told nothing could be done really i would have to cope not easy when you care for 3 Autistic children which can be very stressful and exhausting,just before Christmas i was very anxious and depressed and was having hot shooting pains in my left heel also wobble legs and arm weakness so tired i was falling asleep with out knowing it the pain in arms and legs unbearable i went back to my gp and said how ill i felt telling all my symtoms also how my eye sight had deteriated following a optic nerve scan it showed i had swelling on the optic nerve,i had also had several falls and my balance had gone the last thing to happen was i lost the heel toe movement in my left foot and now can not walk to well so i waited 2mths to see a neuro and have now to have a mri and a lumber puncture.Sorry bit of a marathon post,i guess i think i have MS and to be honest i just want to know so i can adjust things to still be able to care for my children my youngest is only 5yrs so i have to be able to do this for alot more years.Thankyou for reading this and thoughts would be greatly recieved.