Minor relapse or not?

I was diagnosed in 2007 and had an aggressive onset with 5 relapses in 7 months initially and In Hospital for 4 months. Since then I am on dmt (copaxone) and have some lasting damage. In Aug 2010 I went numb on RHS and consultant said in October that it was a minor relapse. I suffer with fatigue generally and have a B12 deficiency! Recently, I have been getting aches in my arms and legs but except for an increased hobble and feeling really tired it’s not affecting me…since my knowledge of relapses have been of a more severe nature I seem to write off any episodes like this but my fiancé insists that I’m having an ms episode! I’m not so sure…any thoughts?

Could be … might not be we are all a bit different. Have you got an MS Nurse/Team you can talk to? WOuld be worth getting seen/spoken to as it varies.

I am currently in relapse, with loss of strength in one arm and bad tingling, limited mobility, cognative issues including slurring and slight blurred vision being the main bits…

Hope you feel better soon.