Diagnoses of sorts

Seen my neuro today…

He’s certain I have MS… believes my lapses since the original have been nice and mild. If I have any more lapses within a year will start me on DMDs - if I have large lapse like the one in early 2012 - he’d do another MRI.

‘Mild’ MS … so there ya go … Happy enough about it, my quality of life has never really been impacted, its pretty much what I was thinking anyways.

Mmmm…mild MS…is it more like RRMS? Sounds like it, as that`s the type that relapses and remits…the time between relapses varies widely.

Its good to hear youre not too badly affected.

Fingers crossed it stays that way hun.

luv Pollx

Pretty much, I do have periods in which not alot happens… steady state, the weakness in left arm was the biggish thing this year.

my legs were badly affected in early 2012 - they have never returned 100% - but good enough.

He considers them fairly mild… as would I - when something happens, I’m still able to be fairly active, running around, playing football, not missing work etc .