am I relapsing?

Hi all I posted a couple of days ago about a numb mouth, but now I am worried that I am relapsing. I just feel terrible and for the last couple of weeks I have had backache. Now my legs feel like they are made of lead and I am almost crawling up stairs cos it hurts to use them. In additon I am having intermittent numbness/pain in my right arm. can anyone give me any advise? Oh and I justed started on copaxone in May.

It sounds like a relapse to me but I’m not sure whether some people get relapse-like reactions to Copaxone. Probably worth talking to a professional (MS nurse or neuro).

I’ve spoke to ms nurse who said that copaxone can bring a relapse on so to rest all weekend and if no better Monday she’s going to contct consultant :frowning: