Mind doing overtime!

Hi, it’s me again!

I’ve got my letter to say my follow up appointment with the neurologist is 4pm on New Year’s Eve. I phoned to see if I can change it and they said she wants me to be seen then because it’s the very first possible next appointment she is doing as clinic is closed for Christmas. I’ve also got to go to a different hospital so that I can be seen then.

Obviously my mind is working overtime! Will be good to have an answer though.



Your goal is to find answers for the problems you are having.

It appears that that is due to happen. Call it a Christmas present, because if it is a dx of something you will be out of limbo which is the worst place in the world and then whatever is the outcome you can treat accordingly.

Most of us feel guilty for being relieved when dx is confirmed,but outsiders can’t understand the relief at finding an answer for the weird things that have been going on.

You will remain in that gut churning place until you are sat infront of him,but hopefully the waiting will be over and you start the new year knowing whats wrong.

I hope all goes well for you.Hang in there


ps I will not be around from Fri until well into the New Year as people will be around,but I wish you luck and will look for your post

How wise you are. Thank you Pip. Have a very happy Christmas and New Year. Dx

Fingers crossed for good news Deb, i.e. they’ve found out what it is and they can fix it!

Try not to worry.

Karen x