Neuro appointment getting closer "/

Hi all

hope we’re all as well as can be n had a good xmas ( for thiose who join the celabrations)

I’m off to the hospital on monday first thing "/ been waiting a while to see the neuro again ( saw him 5 yrs ago)

n altho typically some symtoms are getting better, the brain fog n lack of being able to understand a convo and carry out simple tasks is still presenting as a problem atm

stupid broken brain lol all i asked santa for was a new brain lol but instead all i got was a shed load of choc n some perfume lol ( not complaining really )

On a more serious note tho i am getting myself more n more worked up about the appointment as i no they are pushed for time n its a lot to try n fit in such a short space of time

i have written things down as u lovely ppl have suggested many a time, but also im scared he wont even take me seriously because im obese

when i saw him 5yrs ago he told me to go away n lose weight or i would go blind!!

i was referred to him from the eye clinic after presenting with ON and after a battery of scans n a LP ( his thinking was High Intercranial Pressure) ( it was lower than should be apprantley) the MRI i had was of the arteries to see if i had a tumour (thankfully not) and to also see if i would be able to withstand a LP

All mentions of poss MS were shuned by him and he said goodbye

But here i am in the exact same potion again. i lost 5st (didnt make any difference) i since put it all pretty much back on :frowning:

the eye clinic are getting me back in to re-do the battery of test/scans and have written to the neuro asking for him to re-order the MRI scans as i had yet another bout of ON :frowning:

oh the fun n joy NOT

Jeez i really try not to wind myself up over this as there’s nout i cant do rite this minute weight wise or anything wise come to think of it lol

it just keeps playing on my mind tho that he’s gonna take 1 look at me walk thro that door, well wobble/hobble lol n think ’ fat cow no bloody wonder her bodys giving up n bits are thinking about falling off n not working properly’


there think im finished ranting now lol

thanx for reading

ttfn :slight_smile:

lou x

Hi Lou What a load of…cheeky git!! MS affects people regardless of shape or size. I, too, am a wonderfully curvaceous big girl and nobody has ever mentioned weight to me…well not in the context of MS anyway!! Good luck for Monday, will be thinking of you. Xx

Aww Thanx Catherine :slight_smile: I’m pleased to see ur on the mend As for the stupid ****in neuro I was gutted wen I managed to bring my appointment forward but they told me it was with him n not his Reg she’s very nice by all accounts :slight_smile: Oh well maybe it’s just me being silly but that’s how it makes u feel isn’t it always feeling that u’ve just imagined the previous weeks/months of tingling, buzzing, altered skin sensations etc etc lol oh n the dribbling my latest craze lol I’m sure it’ll all go ok in the end I’m also kinda dreading having to poss take my socks off lol now that does sound funny I no , but it’s cus I’ve got very dry skin on my left foot now matter how much I moisturise it’s the same lol bit embarrassing tbh now I feel like I’m just goin on with meself here hehe I’m off to find some choc lol then swear at meself cus none of my blinking clothes fit "/ Lou :slight_smile: x