Had a pm from ‘mikesdad’ not seen this name before. He is asking for info on continuing care, for his wife who has PPMS. I will suggest he looks on this board to see if anyone can help him.


Hi, Poll

I will look out for him, not that I always know what to say but will try to make him feel welcome.

Michelle x

Thanks Poll. Will look out for him.

Pat xx

So will I, poor man, must be so stressed!

Cath x

hi again. seems he has not responded to my numerous pms.

i have a sneaky feeling he might just not be genuine.

hate thinking like that about anyone, but…


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I hope that’s the case Poll and he’s not sat fretting on his own. It takes a lot to post for the first time, I know I spent many hours reading posts before I plucked up the courage to introduce myself and ask questions. I’m so glad I was dx now where we have access to forums. I’ve learnt more on here than anywhere else. You’re all lovely and someone has usually been through any symptoms at some stage or another. No professional can help as well as someone who has experienced or is coping with one or more symptoms.

Cath x


I must openly apologise for suggesting mikesdad may not be genuine. He has contacted me again and somehow did nt receive my PMS.

Of course he is a genuine carer and I am sorry for doubting him.


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Don’t let it worry you Poll. We’ve had a few which I’m sure were not genuine, one not so long ago. You just never know! I’m sure he’s just grateful that you care enough to ask us to keep an eye out for him.

Cath xx

Poll we’ve all done it. I’ve done it myself. Don’t worry.

Pat xx