Migraine or MS

Hello, I am aged 44 and new here.

I was diagnosed with ‘chronic vestibular migraine’ back in 2009 following extreme dizziness and head pains. I have slowly improved (the dizziness is not so extreme now) over the years with dietary changes and lifestyle changes but have always preferred not to use drugs however I have some degree of off balance 24/7.

In the years between then and now I have also experienced brain zaps, sore eyes, loss is sight once in peripheral areas along with flashing zigzag lights, heavy legs, legs that suddenly turn to jelly, exhaustion walking up stairs, severe fatigue, tingling in legs, arms, fingers and toes, feelings of water, bugs and bites on my legs, gooseflesh in one area of my leg, a tightness around my chest like a mega tight bra, difficulty finding words or saying wrong word, digestive issues, problems using hot water in shower and dislike for sunny weather, sleep issues, needing to pee more and sometimes finding it hard to start peeing etc etc.

All of those symptoms have been brief but some have repeated over time.

My MRI back in 2009 showed an ‘arachnoid cyst’ but I was told that these were common and people were often born with them.

My question is: are all my symptoms just related to migraine or could I have early stages of MS? I know migraine can be common in MS anyway. I have taken vitamin D for around 8 mths and the weird symptoms seem slightly better but still crop up. I feel like I want to ask for another MRI to see if this ‘cyst’ has grown or if there are others? Am I just being paranoid, I know migraine can present with a whole bunch of symptoms.

Hi dizzydee,

I think you could be suffering from sticky-blood?

Take a look at this apart from your migraine problem could your Goose-skin be another symptom? I’m an old hand and can remember they used to have on their website a symptom of a patchy bruised area of skin; does not appear on the website now. This is where my memory fades; called Rectulus Mucous (wrong) but if you see a specialist; ask about it.

As you will see from the website the amount of misdiagnosis is alarming.

Good luck


Hello George

Thanks for the reply. I have considered Hughes syndrone before because I have suffered recurrent miscarriage and certianly do have some of the symptoms however I have never had any stroke type symptoms or pains as such in my legs…also my blood pressure always runs low which isnt typical??

I do have asthma and IBS as well as the chronic migraine so am a bit autoimmuney.

Maybe I need to go back to the docs for some further tests.

Hi Dee

I like the phrase ‘a bit autoimmuney’. I’m a bit autoimmuney too.

Definitely go back to the doctors to see what is going on. And if they’ll give you another MRI, then at least you’ll know about the possibility of MS or whether it’s related to the cyst, or migraines.


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As it say’s on the website Remember - it is NOT necessary to have all the symptoms to be diagnosed with APS.

MS like lesions can also be caused by aPs.

Hi Sue

Thank you, I probably should go back but I always feel like I hypochondriac at the doctors…feel like I should wait and see if symptoms get worse or something?

What autoimmuney bits do you suffer?


Honestly Dee,

You don’t sound like a hypochondriac, see your doctor, even if it’s just for peace of mind.

My autoimmuney bits are overactive thyroid which was ‘cured’ by surgery years ago and is now under active (easily controlled with drugs). Plus eczema and a liver that doesn’t like a lot of drugs that’s been suggested is a bit autoimmuney (but might not be).

To be honest I’m only a bit autoimmuney, there’s lots worse off than me. And some might say MS is enough. And I’ve had that for more than 20 years, so don’t want to get greedy with the AI diseases.


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I’m sorry that you have MS Sue, I don’t mean to moan on when I probably don;t have it…just fed up with weird symptoms.

Thank you for your advice.

Aw, don’t be silly, I’ve had a long time to get used to MS. I do understand how scary it can be to be possibly facing that.

You’re not moaning, you’re asking questions.