Going a bit insane here!

I have not been diagnosed with anything but have had tingling in my left leg for 4 weeks now. It feels like gooseflesh running through my leg for a few seconds but only in that leg. I also have a lesser dull buzzing feeling and sometimes my leg feels like it has something wrapped around it and sometimes very itchy on my shin. In the last week I have also had weird symptoms in my left arm…it aches and feels like a dead weight/weak. I can use it but it just doesn’t feel right. I also get brief tingling and cramp like feelings in my left hand. My neck is often sore and achey as well as my left shoulder. My last visit to the doctor after 3 weeks of the leg tingling and my migraine and off balance being much worse resulted in her giving me 3 lots of tablets for the pain and symptoms of migraine but she wouldn’t comment on the tingling and just shrugged and said it could be migraine (never had tingling symptoms in one area from my migraine in 10 years) On top of this I always feel tired and am sometimes using the wrong words. I know I need to go back to the doctors but I feel like I am going insane when I Google and then wonder if I just have anxiety or a trapped disc. But surely anxiety cannot pick a side of the body? Any advise would be much appreciated…does this seem like MS? Thank you.

Edited to add: Have had other weird various symptoms over last few years including crushing feeling in chest when in bed, weak legs in general, a temporary blind area in my left eye with flashing swirls (I assume that was migraine aura) and needing to pee EVERY night.

Hi DizzyDee

Reading your comment literally just made me keep repeating, hey that’s the same as me!!! I also haven’t been diagnosed and I can no longer tell if it’s my anxiety or I am actually having the symptoms! Sorry I am of no help just wanted to let you know you’re not alone! Hopefully we get some answers soon. Good luck!

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Hi Andy93

Thank you for your reply, it’s not nice that you are going through the same but at least I do feel like someone would understand :slight_smile: How long has yours been for? Have you seen anyone about it?

I suggest that both of you keep a diary of your symptoms before you see your GP next. It will ensure that you don’t overlook anything that you may feel is trivial, but a doctor may regard as an important part of the whole picture. Dr Google will turn you insane.

Hi albrecht durer

What were your first symptoms if you don’t mind me asking and do you know if the tingling with MS is constant or can it be on and off all day? Most days I have a dull buzzing but the gooseflesh tingling comes and goes.

I have already got a list ready for the next doctors visit and am trying to chill and hopefully if this is anxiety related it might just go?


Hello Dee,

I’m sorry I didn’t know you had asked me a question. That’s why I’m late with this reply.

Everyone’s experience of MS is as unique as our fingerprints so there’s no such thing as first symptoms. Any other signs can be as equally as elusive. What will be a full on 27/7 experience for one might only happen occasionally for another.

There are many conditions, some not even neurological, that produce similar symptoms so even a neurologist can’t answer the questions you are asking.

Best wishes,


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Now I have developed tremors in my left arm, they occur occasionally but always occur if i stretch my arms high above my head with hands together (discovered this when doing some yoga to try to relax) I have a video of my tremors if anyone is interested. Still have the tingling on and off in my left leg and altered sensations too as well as my left arm.

The amitriptyline the doctor prescribed seems to have helped with my headaches but I still have off balance and the tingling and now occasional tremors?? :confused: