Does this sound like MS?

I am getting extremely concerned that I have MS. I may just be linking non-related symptoms but…

for the past couple of years I have experienced tingling and numbness in my legs if crossed quite easily and sometimes had little bouts of feeling dizy if jump up to quick. I thought it was due to medication but these symptoms persisted after stopping medication, and my blood pressure is fine.

I developed anaemia a few months ago, which made me very fatigued but also began a progressing anxiety problem, as it took a little while to determine it was anaemia, I do admit I suffer quite bad for health anxiety at the best of times. Thankfully the anaemia has resolved.

A couple of months ago, I began intense skin itching that came from no where and was over my entire body. I believed this was down to taking Lion’s Mane Mushroom supplements, as I wanted in increase nerve growth factor (NGF). After stopping the supplement, the itchy died down considerably.

For the past month I have been experiencing mild tingling and numbness in my left arm and hand and lower left leg and foot, which I thought was anxiety, as my anxiety has been getting much worse over this period, to the point I think I am constantly anxious.

However, a week ago on Sunday, I become extremely itchy again and burning skin, which lasted hours and I ended up in hospital, as I thought I was having an allergic reaction.

Every since then my symptoms have been progressively getting worse, in the space of one week, the numbness and tingling in my left arm/hand and lower left leg has got worse, lasting for days at a time, Although worse at night and when first wake up (feels like I have slept funny on my arm and it is dead). I sometimes have a sensation I have been burnt on my left wrist and lower forearm. I noticed I have very cold skin and left arm that doesn’t seem to warm up like my right arm, although they feel the same when touching, this seems to be constant now. My fingers and toes on left side feel ‘tight’ like they want to contract and my forearm and calf feel tight, like I have pulled a muscle actually, there is a weird sensation in my fingers and toes that feels worse if I rub them and this sensations goes into forearm and calf. I had very bad pain in forearm yesterday that hurt a lot when moving fingers but that went away and kind of moved in to my left foot today.

All these symptoms over the past week have me very scared, it does have MS like characteristics to me although two doctors have tried to assure me it is not but without providing an alternative.

A few things that have me hoping it may not be MS, I am a scratch DJ, and have been practising a lot recently, so that could explain the pain in hand, as I have went a little overboard and could be carpool tunnel. The symptoms have progressed with my level of anxiety and many of these symptoms are linked with anxiety. Some of the symptoms have come and gone and the severity of the symptoms seem to come and go throughout the day rather than being constantly the same. The progression of symptoms seems very rapid, not sure if MS works this way? It is hard to find this information out. I had an MRI 6 months ago on my head for another reason and that did not show signs of MS, although I know they need to check the spine as well. I don’t seem to have any balance problems, I can shut my eyes and walk in a straight line etc or fatigue, my limbs seem to be working fine, although I feel like they are not going to work fine. Up to last week, I was running 10 to 15 miles a day, not tried in last week, as I am a little scared. I don’t have any pain down my limbs when moving my head backwards and forward, which I read is a sign of MS.

I would really apperiate any opinions or suggestions, as I am seeing my G.P. tomorrow again.