Anxiety or MS symptoms

So about a month ago I started getting a pain in my chest/sternum and assumed it was from working out in the gym(costochondritis). I started to take some time off to see if it would heal. About 2 weeks later my bum/back of legs start getting sore (thought it was piriformis syndrome) and assumed it was from sitting down for too long/ lack of exercise. I also started getting throbbing in my fingers which I put down to playing PlayStation.

Went to the doc and she checked my chest legs and hands and gave me anti-inflammatories and I also got blood tests done which came back fine. Over the last few days I’ve started getting tingling in my right arm and also in both of my legs that comes and goes.

Anxiety has been hitting me hard and I’m worried it might be MS. The tingling just randomly comes and goes even when i’m out and about when my mind is off it. I also felt slight numbness in my face around my mouth. My eyes now feel sensitive to light.

It’s quite scary because I’m not sure if I’m creating these symptoms in my head from looking up symptoms of ms or if they are the real deal. I don’t know if I’m exaggerating every slight sensation my body makes.

I feel like if I ask for another MRI that my doctor will think I’m crazy. I don’t know how to go about this and what my next steps are.

Some medical history about myself:

29 year old male

Had an MRI done in 2014 that came back clear.

My brother has been diagnosed with RA and my mother has type 1 diabetes.

My cousin had MS on my father’s side but unfortunately passed away.

I’m from Ireland and I can’t seem to find an MS forum so that why I’m asking you guys.

Great that you guys have this support forum :slight_smile:

Any support would be appreicated!

The pain in your chest most likely could be anxiety related. Anxiety can make us over breathe so our bodies have less carbon dixiode which can cause chest pain and the tingling feeling you describe Pupils dialate in flight or flight mode which could also explain your sensitivity to light. Ive had numbness in my body from MS and it lasted weeks unlike the come and go tingling I get from anxiety. The mind is a powerful thing after my diagnosis I too was over exaggerating every sensation in my body, setting myself into panic. All of it was fear of the unknown. For me just recognising it was anxiety and I wasnt going to die stopped the feelings completely. Don’t panic yourself and focus on the positives.