Severe tingling in both feet and lower legs, is this MS

I have been suffering with dreadful tingling in both feet and lower legs.
Numbness on my right shoulder and round the front of my chest, and down the back of my arm.
Sleep problems, balance problems, anxiety
occassional numbness in my left foot, some vibrations in my pelvic area.

Sharp stabbing pains on the top of my feet and toes, like getting jabbed with a needle, this is very very painful, but only for a few seconds, and not often.
tiredness, low energy…

The tingling has been there over a couple of years, but much worse recently…
I haven’t seen a Neurologist yet.

Could this be MS??

Sounds as though you’ve got lots of symptoms. The problem is that they could be due to anything, not necessarily MS.

Go and see your GP and explain your symptoms. If they think it’s neurological then they’ll send you to a neurologist for more tests.

Write down your symptoms and how long they lasted, this will help.

Take care

I’d have to agree with Jen. Yes, they could be signs of MS, but they could also be a pinched nerve/slipped disk in your back or any one of dozens of other problems. Start with your GP and then go from there.