Is it MS?

I am 40 and male and have never felt right my whole adult life. Headaches, bowel disturbance, fatigue, all tests normal etc. About 15 months ago I started to get dizzy spells which seemed to progress to vertigo, mainly under lights like in supermarkets. This coincided with an ear complaint at the time, for which I had surgery April 2012. I assumed the dizziness was due to having cholesteatoma in one ear. However the dizziness continued post op with couple of episodes of vertigo, though the latter seems to have settled recently. I continue to be fatigued. About 6 weeks ago I noticed mid chest tightness which got worse over last 2 weeks on travelling to Australia. Central chest tightness, sweaty, bit breathless so went to the ER. Both times all tests negative. Diagnosis musculoskeletal. Was made to feel like a time waster even though actually none if the doctors took a full medical history. Because I have felt crap for so long I tend to ignore a lot of symptoms and am wondering whether my chest pain was infact the MS hug as I also get heavy arms/legs, odd twinges and pulling sensations in my abdomen and legs, localised throbbing pain for no reason etc. sometimes i get shooting pain. I also still get the dizziness though its more a feeling of being off. Headaches are odd, sometimes burning behind eye, sometimes more like migraine, or again twinges or shooting sensations around the eye. Plus I am and always have been fatigued. I don’t have pronounced muscle weakness though. I dunno, I should see my gp when back in the UK but does my story and symptoms found familiar? I have sunbathed a couple of times since being here just for 40 minutes both times and have definitely felt worse after. Warm weather seems to make me feel worse, odd infact. Odd flickering and flashing lights in my vision, am just thinking behind it all really could be an undiagnosed MS?

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Neurology is a bit of a minefield because there are literally hundreds of conditions that can cause the same symptoms so while some of your symptoms happen in MS, they also happen in loads of other things including vitamin deficiencies and some forms of migraine. So I’m afraid there is no way of knowing what’s causing your symptoms from the symptoms alone. The first step is to see your GP and get a thorough battery of blood tests. What happens next depends on the results of course. Hopefully it will be something straightforward, but now you’ve decided to do something about it, please stick with it. If the tests come back negative, push for a referral to neurology.

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I am a 33 year old confused woman.I haven’t felt myself properly in years but so busy with life that ignored all things.But health scares recently have made me question myself.A couple of years ago I had a bladder operation.I put my problems down to having big babies.I have bouts of fatigue and feelings of can’t cope.but manage to pull myself together again. Until this summezr…I kept having leg cramps in the night with painful legs following that during the day.After a friends advice to see gp as I was on the pill (prescribed because I’m on early menopause).the gp took me straight off the pill and sent for bloodtests.the result a high d dimer.So begins… Suspected blood clot(none found on scan) then pains in legs continuous.sometimes immense pain.then it would subside then come continued with agony because as a teaching assistant to 4 yr Olds is very hectic! However end of November I woke up with my left side drooping and slurred speech.I was quite poorly for a long time.and still not quite right.It comes and goes.leg pains being the worst but occational numb nose tongue and left hand.My last eye test,the optometrist mentioned the muscle was weak in left eye.I have been to the docs numerous times and they seem to brush me away.As if I enjoy these feelings and a rubbish Christmas for my family.Depression was mentioned also as my concentration and memory aren’t great.but I feel it’s more than that.He just isn’t hearing me.i have bowel problems now and again also.However when I went to hospital with the stroke symptoms my MRI was clear.Which is great but still no answers.Could it be MS?its what comes up when I Google my symptoms.Thanks all opinions please.

Also had what I call ‘text thumb’! My messages go gobbledygook because my thumbs can become shaky.AND had a little bit(not alot) of neck pain recently:(

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