Might amuse you

Greetings.I don’t frequent these esteemed Boreds anymore.I was listening to a couple of Your Tube music clips that cheer me up when I remembered that a while back me and another member who might still appear had a really good time on here.I say here,it was on the Asian section of the forum and was started by me on 20 September 2012 titled Knock knock.

Anyway, if you’ve got nothing better to do,turn the speaker/s on and join part of history.


Knock Knock

lts not that redheaded [edited - not OK to hide behind asterisks]

Loved the latest one you sent me Wb. They missed out unruly bowels!

Hiya Wobblers!

Good to see you`re still alive and kicking!

luv Pollx

Hi Wb.

The forum is not the same without yours and other ex members’ cheery posts. Nice to see you on here again. Mind you, I still have your cheeriness to keep a smile on my face with your super dooper lightheartedness!! Just sad that the newbies especially have not had the chance to have their spirits lifted by your very funny posts.

Shazzie x

Shazzie - the piece l had edited out was something that Wb had sent me. lt was what he called himself. Yes, he is missed - and many newbies have lost out.

Thank you ladies,but you’re very poor judges of character

Wb xx

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Thank you Wb. Oh I see Fran. He is such a little rascal isn’t he? Lol

Shazzie x