You were lucky, it’s gone now.It was a bit of a stretch trying to post it and those letters ‘n’ numbers from cid and PetePC are not a link.Probably an 'ollocking for me…Broad shoulders though

Be lucky,

Wb xx

Eh? Guess it was too naughty for those of us with sensitive feelings. Not me, you realise!


Wb, it was not deleted, it didn’t work in the first place.



Try it again Steve - lts such a good joke. Sent to me by someone who did work for RAC.

Oh Wb. I was looking forward to reading that one.

Who’s a naughty boy then!!! Lol!!!

I’m not the only one then eh???

Shazzie xx

He is still underneath the car!

Tut tut Wb - you’ll get a spanking from the moderators - if you’re lucky hehehehehe

JBK xx

What part of my post above did anyone not understand? I’ll try again…It was not deleted, the post didn’t work. The Mods are not the bad guys on this one, much as you’d all clearly love us to be. No-one is in trouble here… yet.


[Innocent Mod]

You know we all love you Val. We were only teasing Wb.

Shazzie xx

Where are you Wb?

Shazzie x

Always wear underwear

This is a report in a Brisbane newspaper - A couple drove to the local supermarket - as they were parking the car it broke down. The wife continued on to do her shopping whilst her husband said he would take a look at the car. When the wife came out of the store with her trolley - she could see quite a crowd of people gathered around the car. When she got closer she could see why. Sticking out from underneath her car was a pair of mens hairy legs - and because he had no underpants on - sticking out from underneath his shorts was the mans ‘tackle’. The wife was very embarrassed and quickly bent down and with her hand poked the offending dangly bits back into place.

Then when she stood up she saw her husband standing on the other side of the car!!! The RAC mechanic is still recovering with several stitches in his head.

Couldn’t see the original post but surely I’m not the only who clicked on a post by Woblyboy entitled drawers fully expecting they wouldn’t be the kind you buy from Ikea! Thanks for reposting spacejacket - brilliant!!! The hairy legs bit added a layer of detail that helped me picture it! oh my … off for a lie down with a glass of gin! x


Thanks Spacejacket and Wb.

Shazze xx

Hello there,and isn’t it getting dark early,the further South you are the earlier it happens.I’m still mooching about,but I have a problem withe site appearing on my computer screen.The edges of the edges of a post are obscurredby the sides of the screen.This isn’t happening anywhere else on T’internet,just on here, and oh my is it annoying.What I have to do is move the bottom bar on the screen to the left then right to see the three or four words at the beginning and end of a sentence

Does anybody who knows things know what is wrong.I’ve looked for a button that increases the size of the print and I can’t find aything like that,but I expect there is.There was on Ye Olde Boreds and they were coal powered,warm and cosy.

Until I find a solution to this problem,you won’t see that much of me


Hey Polar Bear,if you’re walking about,can I be part of your dreams.I’ll be asleep hanging around in my bedroom waiting for you to march past.Please be gentle with me it’s been a while,and it’s 18 months since I walked

Right, now my edges have been folded in, I can sort out a certain large predatory with my new pet.A big male KODIAK bear will sort out any polar bear.Because the kodiaks,from Kodiak island in Canada put on really thick layers of fat and the males ‘spar’ with each other and get pretty handy.

Oh, Polar Bear,if you’re out there,beware the Kodiak…He carries that much fat that your claws can’t damage anything vital,and he’s been fighting for years.He will also take a photograph of you running away.

Wb xx