Hello from a grey Sussex.

Do we have ordinary weeks? I’ve scoured my week for something I can relate in a creative amusing way but the week has just seemed routine. I may have done 3.8 km on the bike in the day care centre and discovered new muscles on the standing and swaying machine but it was just something I’ve been doing lately.

I have therefore dressed my mid week torpor with fanciful verbal fripperies. If anything, it is amusing to assume a level of pretence that may border on the shallow and foppish.

Here is my attempt to decorate the ordinary.

Best wishes.

hi steve

it was not at all verbal frippery.

it was poetic in many places.

your blog could be the blog of us all.

keep it up!

carole x

Hi Steve

Yet another very enjoyable blog, the way you look at the world is so interesting. Dinner time at your house sounds so enticing!

Thank you for sharing and keep them coming …

FB x