Hello from a grey Sussex.

Do we have ordinary weeks? I’ve scoured my week for something I can relate in a creative amusing way but the week has just seemed routine.

I have therefore dressed my mid week torpor with fanciful verbal fripperies. If anything, it is amusing to assume a level of pretence that may border on the shallow and foppish.

Here is my attempt to decorate the ordinary.

Best wishes.

Steve! Always a great read as ever. Such creative writing. :slight_smile: Mind you, “twatty”? I’m not actually familiar with the term. Perhaps you could enlighten/educate me?

I was thinking of you yesterday, in the midst of the Brain Fog thread. (I’m sure you do not read or entertain it. It is purely for the deranged amongst us, I fear). Your writing is very descriptive and I certainly hover in your kitchen as you create and blitz. Such alchemy. I could almost taste that pate and feel the texture. Always looking forward to your next instalment.

From a dreary, damp Kerry.

Wow that sounds amazing. You will have to start an ms “Come Dine With You” Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Steve

Your writing is always inspirational and leaves me wanting more, so I will wait patiently until it arrives, thanks.

I must admit I don’t know what “twatty” means perhaps it’s a regional word not known to us country bumpkins!

Have a good weekend.

Pam x

The word means a poncy pretence of the highest order creating a level of smugness only the truly smug from smug city will understand.

Ah, Country girl here. No wonder I didn’t know it.