Forecast "very nice indeed"

And I’ve got a week off! (Or should that be “a wee cough”?) I’ve got loads of annual leave still to use. Just said to the boss: “I think the weather’s looking good…I might take the second half of next week off.” I couldn’t take the first half, because we had an important discussion scheduled for Tuesday, that must go ahead by 30th September. He looked in his diary, and said: “Why don’t you take the whole week? I think we could do the discussion this afternoon, instead”. Well, never look a gift horse in the mouth, and all that. Done! Nine whole days off, starting tomorrow. Now I’ve got to push myself to get out and make the most of it, and not spend the whole week bumming around doing nothing, feeling sorry for myself. If it’s sunny, and you catch me on here, you have my permission to kick me up the backside, and ask why I’m not out enjoying myself. :wink: Tina x

Hi Tina, have a good week off and hope you do get some decent weather. Cheryl:)