Middle aged husband! (not ms!)

We have recently been away on holiday and my hubby decided to have a tattoo. He has several already.

I dont have any so am not interested so i told him i would wait at the caravan with the kids until he got back.

Before he left he said are you sure you dont want to come with me to see what i choose? I said i dont like any of them so there is no point in my coming and the kids will be bored!

So off he went…and came back with T E R E S A in massive letters down the back of his leg!

I laughed and said - what if i decide to leave you?

He said - no worries - im sure i’ll find another Teresa on facebook!



Well, I dunno quite what to say. I also hate tattoos, but as his new one is your name, it shows how much you matter to him, eh?

As for finding another Teresa, if you leave him…good luck to him and her!

Could be worse…you could be called Esmerelda Victoria Elizabeth!

luv Pollx

Guy loves you…enjoy…I’m the same, will have to find another “JULIE” if she leaves me…

my partner has my name in chinese on his shoulder.well i think its my name, i wouldnt know.if it wasnt would i,really.

jaki xx