meeting others

Can anyone help please I want to meet others with same condition in and around swansea/neath where can I do this Thanks guys xx


Click on the ‘Near Me’ tab at the top of the page you should be able to find local events like local branch meetings etc where you can meet other MSers. As it’s so near to Christmas there will either be loads of events on in your locality or, as in my area, just the Christmas dinner which may be too late to book up for. Even so there will be contact numbers to ring and find out and/or get yourself on the mailing list for the local branch(es).

Hope this helps.

Tracey x

Join your local MS group. google MS group Swansea and a name and number comes up.

Our group meet once a fortnight for coffee - I’ve never been but know things go on if I want to join.

Jen x

Thank you guys xx