Meeting MS friends

Hi my name is Alyson from Stoke-on-Trent, UK and i would like to make fellow ms friends as feeling quite isolated with family not quite understanding what its like to have MS


Hi Nannie, MS can be very isolating…I’ve had it 24 years and have been a member of this club on and off for a while. Met a few folk too.

Have a google to see if there is a social group in your area…there could be.

I’m happy to chat here or privately if you like.


Hi Alyson
This is an ok place to chat.
There may be other social options on the website. All the best mick

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Hi Alyson, welcome to the group. Ali x

Hey my neurologist invited my partner and i in for a review consultation following a contrast MRI scan which showed an area of active enhancement in my brain.

He said he thinks i have RRMS so is sending me to a neurologist who specialises in MS and she may want to do more tests like bloods and lumbar puncture before reviewing any treatment.

I have had altered sensation in my legs and feet for 4 months so was wondering what thpe of treatment people have received for these symptoms?

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Hi @Nannie53, it is good to have you with us. Even though this is a mainly digital platform there is great support here, whether that is through a direct reply or reading through another thread.

In time who knows who you may go on to meet. Great suggestion by Mogace already to look for social options in your area.Make sure you check out that website.

Hi Alyson,

Sorry about your diagnosis. I agree, other people just don’t understand.
This website has some good articles and support.

I meet up for a coffee morning one a month organised by MS society. I follow the group on Facebook and just signed up for an MS keeping active day that’s being held locally. There are also local exercise classes and a knit and natter group.

Try this

Take care

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