Meet up Aberdeen

Hi everyone.

Myself and another lady on this site are planning to have a get together, just something informal, in a pub or cafe. Just wondered if we can get any more people from the Aberdeen area to join us.


Hi Cheryl, as you know you can count me in but where is everyone else from the Aberdeen area??? There must be more of us. Xxx

Ann Marie

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Hi Cheryl, just let me know and I will drag this battered bruised body along. Actually if truth be told I did most of the battering and bruising long before the MS took a grip. My mother described it as a hedonistic lifestyle which left her amazed that she did not have a raft of extra grandchildren. I used to treat my body as a temple but as with all temples sooner or later it falls into ruin. But what a time I had destroying it. Any way I digress, just let me know when you are meeting up and remember to call me if those forms come through and you need a hand. I kept a copy of mine and had a letter putting me in the support group within two weeks.


You’re in Ann Marie, Gary, you too. Btw still planning to come out to Dyce, maybe bringing Ann Marie with me, what do you think Ann Marie?

Thanks Gary, forms seem to be going ok, I’m quite pleased with myself (so far!)


Hi Cheryl,

yes, I’m still keen to pay dyce a visit.

Can probably manage during the October holidays otherwise any afternoon after two ish.

look forward to meeting you Gary when we get something sorted out.

Ann Marie

Sounds like the beginning of a plan. Watch how you complete those forms Cheryl, DWP pick up on “buzzwords”


Yes Ann Marie, October hols sound like a good idea.

thanks Gary, I just filled in quite a simple form on the phone, then got a medical certificate from my gp.


Well Cheryl, following the completion of your simple form on the phone War and Peace is about to drop through your letterbox. It is a quagmire and full of things to trip you up. You have no idea how many different ways they have of asking the same question. As I said call me when it lands with a thud behind your front door.


Thanks Gary, I’m awaiting its arrival.


Hi everyone . I’m pretty new to this diagnosed in June and just saw your post about being in Aberdeen . Would love to meet some people in the area with MS for a chat not only about MS . Janet x

Hi Janet, yes, we’d love to have you along, the more the merrier.