Medications for numbness

Hi friends,
I got diagnosed for 4 years. From the start, my only symptom is body numbness on my right side. It has been always there though sometimes more intense and sometimes less. Right now, it is at its peak and bothering me a lot. It is not just lack of sensation. It is a weird feeling when my body touches objects, similar to foot falling asleep whet it is under pressure and wants to wake up. So, numbness is not a good term to describe this weird feeling. Anyways, I was talking with my nurse, and she told me if I want to try some medication like Gabapentin or Amitriptyline. I know these are drugs that help with neuropathic pain or tingling sensation not the numbness. Has anyone had any good experience taking these drugs? I have not been on any DMT so far.

Everyone is different.

I was intolerant of gabapentin and was only able to tolerate very low doses, such that it was not really worth it. Worse still, I tried a couple of -triptylines and they turned me into a spaced-out zombie in a couple of days. They might hit the spot for you though. As your nurse suggested, a common theme with MS treatment seems to be the need for experimentation to get the right “cocktail” for YOU.

It depends how much it bothers you. With many of these symptom meds, it’s a matter of balancing the benefits against unwanted side-effects. If something is really troubling you and interfering with your sleep and/or your quality of life, it might be worth it, but if it’s more marginal, you might reach a different answer. But you can try and see.