Numbness and Tingling... Medication?

Are there any medications that are effective in reducing the numb and funny sensations…? Im getting increasingly frustrated… its been 8 months, and Im number than ever!!

Hi there,

Numbness, sorry, no, I don’t think so. Numbness is caused by the nerve pathways being damaged, and signals unable to get through. There’s no drug you can take that will let them “leapfrog” the damaged bits.

Tingling, on the other hand, is caused by unwanted signals. So yes, there might be a prescription that helps with that. Although you can’t replace absent nerve signals, you CAN dampen down unwanted ones.

A lot of people are on things like amitriptyline, gabapentin, or pregabalin, for nerve pain/abnormal sensations, although I personally haven’t tried any of these.


I’m taking Pregablin and Amitiptyline for the nerve pain and ‘funny’ feelings I get in my arms, it’s a tingley, itchy, crawly feeling which really is unbearable sometimes. As Tina has said you can get medication for this but I haven’t heard of anything for numbness.

Lynne xx

Im confused as to what is what that im feeling …

When i touch things my hands freel fuzzy… llke wooly gloves or scrunching crisp packets… would that be the tingling part that can be medicated?

Hi again,

I think the only way to know for sure is to ask to be prescribed something, and see if it helps.

Most people get at least some “odd” sensations with MS, but I’m not sure any two people experience exactly the same.

It’s a bit trial-and-error with treatment, because what works for some may not for others. The only way to find out is try something and see. If it doesn’t help, nothing lost - you won’t be in a worse position.


Mrsp83 thats what I have, and I find amitriptyline helps a bit. Nothing has helped with the numbness except time, and a lot of it!

Cool amylou… im dfinitely gunna want to be trying somethiong like that! Even if its enough to be able to make touching things not feel horrible il be happy!!