Hello all, My leg still feels like its struggling following this last relapse…I’m worried its not long to get stronger and this worries me as I like to walk especially on our family holidays and this is going to change our holidays if it doesn’t improve :frowning: I am hopefully seeing my consultant soon so will be asking about DMDS Owen I just wondered is there any other meds that might improve the leg? I know DMDs are about halting progress not improving my leg or any damage left by this relapse? Please advise. I am also having neuro physio. I just find it so frustrating that’s cannot even contemplate going to collect my son from school which is not far away from my house at all xxxx

Hi Lisa

I find neuro physio is the best thing that helps my leg strength. When I have a relapse I always get physio, and it always helps recovery. I try & do some of the exercises most days at home too - my walking is always better after I’ve done them.

Sorry I can’t help any more