Medical records in divorce, why ?

I received letter from solicitor saying my husband is divorcing me which i expected, they have requested my financial statement, proof of all the benefits i claim but they have also asked for my medical records which i am not too happy about, anybody any idea’s why they would need these and do i have to give them these.



The only thing I can suggest is that if there is a likelihood that you will be dependent of the state for care etc then there will be a desire by the system to take that into account in any settlement.

So far as I understand it the issue of guilty party in a divorce is now not part of the legal system. Therefore the only issues are about provisions for care of dependants and division of money/property.

However I have no legal expertise so I would have to say you need legal advice because whilst your medical records may be confidential there may be reasons that can be demanded by a court.

Hmm, I am wondering why they want your medical records and, more importantly, if they have the right to see them.

I`ll be interested in any other replies you get.

Perhaps you could ask CAB if you dont have a solicitor.

luv Pollx

As Poll has said - you do need to get advice. But from what l know it could be to your advantage in a divorce that the courts do know you medical status as this could make such a difference to your claim. You don’t want them thinking you are fit and well and able to work fulltime and support yourself.


I would wait till they get a court order to access my medical records.

Thanks for your replies gonna go see a solicitor next week if the snow goes as can’t get out in this weather


what crossed my mind, is that there may be value in insurance policies which include a criticall ilness element.

Look afteryourself.


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