do i allow employers to look at medical records??


I am currently off sick and have recently told my employers that I have been told that it could be ME/MS/CFS.

My problem is I dont know if I should allow them access to my medical records, I have been trying to think of the pro’s and con’s but have only come up with a couple of reasons why I should/shouldn’t

It would prove that they could have reasons to retire me on ill health.

It would make them more averse to firing me because of disabilty act.

It would show that I had had these problems for a few years but had not disclosed them.

We do have a medical form that has to be completed on starting with the company and i dont remember ever having filled one in but it could be that the forms were brought in a few years after i started my employment there. I know i’m not going to be well enough to go back as i’ve struggled to keep going for the last year, so i would like the whole thing wrapped up and finished with.

I cant resign though or i wont be able to claim benefits??

Can anyone think of any points I should take into account before deciding on the health records access?

and do i need to be sick for something like 7 months before the company take action and can i not claim any benefit until I am formally unemployed??

thank you

Hi, not sure if this will help but ill try. I work for a big company and have had my records pulled twice, nothing to do with whats going on now (waiting for ms dx). I had alot of time off when i had other health problems, they only pulled mine to see if i was likely to return and if i did could they assist with special equipment etc and also to adjust my % for sickness based on the findings. I would review your company’s sickness policy if you can as mine clearly states 6 months full pay then 6 months half pay, after this i’m sure my company look into ill health retirement so could go straight onto benefits providing the threshold for having savings. Good luck x

I’m really not qualified to answer your questions, but I just wanted to tell you that if you are thinking of applying for ill health retirement, they are going to have to access your medical records in order to make a decision.

Whatever you do, don’t resign!

Karen x

The best people to ring are the equalities and human rights commission. You can ask your GP to write a report rather than giving access. As long as you have not lied on any forms then there was no need to disclose unless it impacts on health and safety.

thank you all very much for your replies, still cant decide but dont need to rush into a decision so thats ok. thank you all x