Work Related - Dr's Report

Hi there,

My work have asked for a Dr’s report, which they will write a letter requesting confirmation of my diagnosis other work related questions - i think about my capability to do my job.

Has anyone had this done to them? Can you tell me what sort of questions are asked?

I think also, givin them a copy of my clinic letter to see the nurse shoud help my case.

I just wondered if anyone else has had any experience of this.

To be quite honest it freaks me out. There are things on my medical history that i’d rather not see every again!


I have had this, I was working for a bank and they requested one. I remember the wording of the letter stated that you have to give your permission though. They cannot request any info without your signature authorising this, so its up to you wether you want them to have this. Maybe you could request that they ask only for information regarding problems you’re having at the moment. Hope that helps x

I think it depends on what your job is and what your contract states. I work as a support worker, and my contract states that at any time my employers can ask for doctors report if they are concerned. That makes my employers sound awful - they’re not at all, they’re lovely - but because my job involves working with others who are vunerable, and also sometimes involves health & safety stuff, they have a duty of care to follow up concerns. But I’m not sure if that works the same way in other sectors of employment? Maybe check your contract or have a look at sickness / and equality policies / procedures. I wouldn’t worry too much about past medical history though - they should only need to ask about conditions that are effecting you now, or conditions that are likely to effect you in the forseeable future . I doubt they would ever see your entire medical records, just a summary report from doctors I’d imagine, and I’m fairly sure they’d be concentrating on current suff (i’d guess). Could you maybe ask for clarification from HR ?

Also, they will not be able to access anything without your written consent.

I can’t see why they would be entitled to see your complete medical history! It is reasonable for them to want evidence of your diagnosis, as it confers special rights under disability legislation, so they’re entitled to satisfy themselves you do actually have those rights, and it’s not something you’ve made up.

I can’t see why they’d want or need to know about unrelated stuff from years ago, if that’s what you’re worried about - it’s not going to come up!

Have there been any issues about attendance and/or performance? If not, they may just be wanting to cover themselves, by checking with your doctor that it’s SAFE for you to continue working, and that there isn’t anything they shouldn’t be allowing you to do. I think that’s reasonable, and not sinister - they want to protect you - and themselves - from you claiming later that you were unreasonably forced to do something a person with MS shouldn’t have been doing, and that they didn’t look after your welfare.

I don’t think it’s anything to be worried about - I think they’re just playing it safe. They want to know about any special needs or limitations, so they can be appropriately handled.


I’ve just had one of these last week and I was really worried beforehand. I have been off work since August when I was hospitalised and diagnosed with CIS, although I have had 2 relapses since. I haven’t mentioned MS to work and I was worried about the report and signing consent for my medical records. The doctor was absolutely lovely. She just talked me through what had happened, how I am affected and then what my role involves. I had to explain what problems I envisioned returning (although due to the recent relapse that wouldn’t be imminent as originally planned) and then she was going to recommend reasonable adjustments, such as Dragon Dictation as my hands have been affected, phased return and a change of duties at first to reduce stress(as my job is very stressful). She seemed really on my side to be honest and just kept saying it was not my problem that I couldn’t do my full job, as I was protected by law. She will write the report and I can see it before it goes to my employers. I haven’t seen it yet though.