Work wants proof of my MS

I have been dx for 2 weeks, My line manager asked me yesterday if I have any written evidence to back up that i have MS, I told her that i didnt need to tell them whats wrong with me and that i had told them every step of the way as they have been supportive through my tests etc, she replied ‘oh its incase anything happens to you’ bearing in mind, since my return to work 2 weeks ago, no risk asessment has been done, nor has occupational health been mentioned. I feel a little peeved as it seems like they now dont believe me, a colleague of mine got suspended for ‘exaggerating her symptoms’ from a car accident becaused the docs could not give a definate diagnosis as to why she was in so much pain, what can i do?


Tracy x

Just give them a copy of the letter from the neuro (with anything blacked out that you don’t want them to see) or maybe get your GP to write to them (and send them the bill!). I don’t think it’s unreasonable of them to want some sort of proof otherwise anyone could ask for reasonable adjustments (which normally cost the employer). If you haven’t asked for anything then it’s none of their business though! Karen x

They shouldnt be asking you that, they should be giving you light duities as you have just come back and refer you to occupational health so any adjustments that need to be made can be and they ask you can the doctor there access your medical records but they have no right to that information themselfs.

I went back to work a month ago and this is what I’m doing I’m on light duties untill i get a dx or find out what else it could be then off to occupational health.

Since we had a new manager things are so much better there, my old boss sounds like yours she would of asked for proof and been real dificult I’m glad shes gone.

I hope they are being support to you

mel xx

I have nothing in writing to back up my dx, Dr Nicholas hasnt given me anything. I see my ms nurse on 23rd, maybe she can give me something…I havnt asked for any adjustments or light duties, only to be excused for the loo as and when needed and to be able to use the lift (which all staff have a pass for anyway) because im based on the 1st floor.

I just remembered too that she suggested if my condition is too much to work full time with maybe i would be better off on benefits!! I love my job and get so much satisfaction from it (im lead teaching assistant in my faculty area) and im good at it!

I have not complained at all about my ms, just that im tired, but i have 5 kids and a hubby to look after so thats quite normal!. I just feel maybe they want me gone as i could become a liabilty to them, I broke my leg there last due due to someone leaving a box in a doorway and i fell over it (health & safety issue!) and several of the admin staff already call me ‘miss liability’ which although i laugh off, its wearing a bit thin and now this!


Tracy xxx

Hi Tracy Your neuro will have sent your GP a letter about your diagnosis. When I asked my GP, she happily printed me off a copy. I am sure this will not be a problem if you need one. Hth Teresa xx

Thankyou Teresa, seeing my gp next week, will ask her.


You’d be better off on benefits?! What a bloody cheek!!!

Utterly and completely out of order!

Be very careful. Sounds like at least that person has another agenda :frowning:

Remember that an MS diagnosis automatically get you covered by The Equality Act. It might come in handy!

Karen x

My thoughts exactly Karen!!

I was told by an ms nurse when i took my sis to an app in August (she has RRMS too) that i didnt need to inform them unless its in my contract (it isnt) but have been honest with them all the way, dont know why, they totally shafted me last year when i broke my leg (didnt pay me!), going to speak to my union i think…

Tracy xxx

Hi Tracy,

MS diagnosis is a medical question so therefore information should go from your GP to their doctor. If you want only your diagnosis known so be it.

How dare some untrained pen pusher want personal information? Tell your GP that when they contact to only give out the information that you have been diagnosed.


Thankyou, the more i think about it the angrier i become!, im doing my job perfectly without complaint, yet to me. it seems maybe they dont want me to!

As i said in an earlier post, im seeing my gp this week, im sure shes gonna love this 1!!!

Thanks again all xxx