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I have been requested by my employers HR department for a signed consent so they can access my full medical records. I have worked here since 1998 and was diagnosed in 2004. my symptoms are getting slightly worse over time and walking is becoming an big issue.

Do they have the right to request this ?

Is it useful for me to say yes (I have nothing to hide)

just doesn’t feel right, wht am I missing?

I would welcome your thoughts


I’ve not heard of it his happening before. Why do they want your records?

Have you asked for ajustments to​ make your working environment easier for you?

I really don’t know the answer and am interested to see other replies.


I think they have the right to ask for consent if you have taken a lot of time off sick, but have never come across this for any other reason. You still have the right to say no if you choose.

As Polls said, if you have asked for reasonable adjustments I could understand it, but otherwise I would say no and ask them to explain why they asked in the first place.

Access to Medical Reports Act 1998

The Access to Medical Reports Act 1998 (AMRA 1998) states that an employer may have access to reports on an employee provided by a medical practitioner which are in connection with their employment. The employee must give his or her consent for their employer to be given such access.

The employer can ask BUT the employee has the right to say no.

The question is what the consequence is if you say no, which boils down to why they have asked for consent. There must be a good reason for them asking - relevant to employment - which they should explain to you when asking for consent.

For example, I wanted an occupational health needs assessment in connection with reasonable adjustment so I had to give permission for the assessor to have information from my doctor (Not full access to all medical records! only information relevant to the assessment.) Fair enough. If I had refused consent I would not have got my dictation software. :slight_smile:

I would ask what the reason is - and if there is a sensible reason - I would consent but tick the box on the consent form that says you want to see the information before it is provided to your employer. Gives the option to object if there is anything you are not happy about your employer knowing.

Why has HR made this request - is it because you have asked for some adaptations to be done in the workplace or maybe you have asked for a change of working hours?

I would think that if you have then you may need a doctors letter to support your request. That would be up to you to sort out and you would see what the dr had written before you pass it on to HR.

I would be concerned if HR has asked for this access ‘out of the blue’ and I would not give my consent for them to have access to any of your medical records ( would be surprised if any dr would let an outside agency access to any patients full medical records.)

Could it be you have a HR dept that doesn’t know what it’s doing!!

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Your employer may need to calculate costs etc of keeping you on their payroll. I gave my employer full access in 2004 when I went “off sick” before I even knew it was ms. Then I was diagnosed MS in 2011 (plus confirmed PPMS in 2016).

I receive all copies of all correspondence between my employer and all hospitals, doctors, nurses, physios etc. Some reports are sent to me to read before the specialist sends to my employer.

You are entitled to know why they need the records and copies of all reports before they even get to your employer’s. Delays cause further delays but at least you should be paid.

Certainly question who, what & why before signing, it could be in your favour xx