can anyone help with advice about work please..

Hi, I know some of you have taken early retirement or left work by way of a ‘compromise agreement’, I really need some information on how to go about either of these. I am not DX’d yet, but have been DX’d with ME and Fibromyalgia., and currently waiting for MRI appointments to come through. I have returned to work after a long leave of absence, but I am really struggling and don’t know how much longer I can keep going, I have worked for the company for almost 15 years. Any advice would be really appreciated. I have contacted my local CAB for an appointment but am waiting for a reply. Thanks…

I took ill health retirement a long time ago, so I may be out of date, but the key thing in being able to do it is to have a company pension. If you have one, then the first step is to read the small print - what are the terms of ill health retirement? Then you need to get the company OH and doctor on board. It can be a long process, but worth it in the end - I am convinced that my MS would be very much worse if I hadn’t given up work. Don’t forget - you DO have a dx. In fact, you have two! A dx of MS would probably help, but it shouldn’t really matter - the basic question any pension trustee would want to know is “Can she work?” If the answer is “No” then you should be eligible. I don’t know anything about “compromise agreements” - sorry. Karen x

Thanks Karen!

Speak to your union rep, if you are a member of a union. If you ask about ‘ill health retirement’ it may be interpreted as you no longer wanting to work rather than you not being able to work. Companies can basically ‘sack’ you for poor performance i.e. being off sick for too long and you leave with nothing financially. You need to convince your GP and consultant that you can no longer work due to your condition. Then you need to convince the OH people that you want to continue working but due to your symptoms it is very difficult. Most companies will only offer ill health retirement after they have exhausted all means of getting you back to work (and they will have covered themselves in case you try to sue them at a later date) e.g. OH work place assessment; help from the ‘Access to work’ scheme; reasonable adjustments to assist you at work; reduction in working hours; home working etc. And after you have been off sick for quite a while. Your company may be a bit more compassionate, but don’t rely on it. They are answerable to the shareholders and the bottom line is profit not your well being. Sorry to add to your woes, but this is generally how things seem to be now. Keep us posted.

Thanks Verona, It’s totally wearing me out… I must admit it’s so hard getting up, ready and out in a morning, and with no social life because I’m knackered, sore and wobbly. (but then again I’m preaching to the converted aren’t I :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ) I’ve recently seen the company OH and it was a joke. She had not requested my GP notes, meds or anything, she didn’t review my job description with me to see what I can / can’t do. It was really bad, she basically referred me to Access to work website and that’s it. I’m just waiting to see what her report brings… and take it from there. I did contact my manager and HR to explain the poor preparation by the OH. Oh the joy we have in trying to carry on… Anyway I’m going to stop moaning now…will let you know how things go…