Lost Records

Requested a copy of all my records from my doctors. Can’t have them they’ve got lost!!

How could this have happened, they haven’t moved premises. If they’re lost there’s not a great deal I can do but it certainly isn’t very satisfactory.

That’s surely not right, it should all be backed up, as we are all computer savvy these days! I’d get on to pratice manager at you GP see if they have better luck locating them. It’s sad to say, but some just can’t be arsed to look for them, good luck x

They have no record of my dx - no record of any letters from neuros - no test results. Have asked them to check as they may be filed under another name. My guess is that they put them on a computer and the whole lot have been wiped off.

Not good enough!

Hi even if they have all been scanned etc and put on to computer there should still be a file of hard copies. It just means someone has to look for them!

Aye oop,I reckon you should mention to the practice manager that they’ve got a certain number of working days to resolve the issue or you’ll put an official complaint in with the PCT,speak to your MP and generally start screaming from the roof tops.

I’ve got three sets of Case Notes: A set at the GPs, a set at the local hospital and a set at the specialist hospital where the consultant keeps his ‘Ivory Tower’.

Your notes will be somewhere and there will be all kinds of safeguards to prevent you disappearing into the ether.Years ago I worked at the local hospital for Medical Records in the ‘Case Note Hospital’.We would be given Case Notes betore they where to be seen by non hospital employees, so they could be tarted up and made presentable. Wonder if this has/is happening and they’ve gone astray or somebody is telling porkies to make time for any repairs.

Good luck,


I think that Wb has the right of it. Everything on the hospital system (where your neuro is based) should still be there. It might be worth asking for a copy (even paying for a copy) to be put onto a CD for you.

Your notes are almost certainly still there but with the filename changed, or attached to another patient’s file. This happened to my first NHS MRI scan. The consultant went to call up the images to show me where the trouble was, and there were no images to see. Someone had attached my scans to another patient seen that day - easy enough to find once they knew that they had to look, and my consultant made sure that they looked.

Do exactly what Wb said in his first sentence - be nice at first, but don’t take any cr@p from them.