Lost Notes

Dx’d 15 years ago I recall my doctor showing me the notes from the hospital.

Asked for a copy of these notes recently and they have gone missing. When paper records are put on computer are the paper records disposed of - has something gone amiss with the computers at my doctors?

Is there any point in making a complaint and to who?

(Anon for obvious reasons)

Hi you could try contacting the hospital the records came from. Good luck

Hi Anon, I would have thought the hospital would be legally obliged to retain the written notes for a period of time so I would be inclined to speak/write to PALS at the hospital concerned. Here’s wishing you luck. Janet x

The limit for adult hospital records is eight years (see NHS web page on the subject:

So I don’t think there will be a valid grievance if they can’t be found after 15! It’s a little strange that they don’t still have notes relating to a condition that is, after all, for life. But strange doesn’t make it illegal. If they’re allowed to dispose of them after eight years, and they did, I don’t see that you have any redress.

I suppose the moral is that if there are any hospital records you’re intent on seeing, ask for them before eight years are up. Otherwise, you may be out of luck, and they won’t have to give a reason.