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Hey so when I was diagnosed years ago if just started a new job and it become apparent I’d struggle so I sought advice and put in reasonable adjustment to get put onto night as its what I could manage… Flash forward 7 years later I’ve been nightshift all this time and my company have now decided new policy they don’t have permanent night shifts so there expecting me to do one day shift every 6-8weeks. now I know I can’t physically do this I’m a carer and day shifts are hard going. I’m currently seeking legal advice for help on this but I was just wondering does everyone have copies of all there medical files relating to their ms?. I see my consultant every year and get an mri every year but I don’t have copies of any of these mri’s or anything I just wait for the bog standard letter he sends after apts. I’m just wondering if I had copies maybes they’d take my MS more seriously?


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You can request your notes from the hospital. Check up online for your hospital’s procedure. You’ll need to give evidence (copy of passport etc) to verify that you are who you say you are, due to data protection legislation, which should be detailed on their form.

Good luck.

I presume their change away from permanent night shift is due to health and safety, but I’d think that for some people a fixed routine is better for their circadian clock than shifting between nights and days.

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No I’m a carer and the clients are too hard work through the day for multiple reason lol so nightshift better option. There excuse for one day shift a month is to see what’s happening in service through the day and coz I apparently have no relationship with clients which is wrong I’ve looked after them for 8 years I get on better with them than day shift staff :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Hi Linzimain, Just a thought, you should be able to request your medical notes from your surgery. It takes about a month to upload the notes, apparently depending on how many letters, test results are in your file.

You will have to double check but there are various ways you can get access to them. I have recently requested mine, just waiting to hear back. At my surgery they went back @ 20 years as standard. If I wanted anything outside that range I had to say what year from.

I hope that helps.

It’s two different hospital trusts I didn’t think theyd send my stuff to my GP

Don’t they copy your doctor into your treatment. Your doctor must have some reference to you having MS, well I would have thought, but I’m no expert.

You’ll have to apply to each separately. I bet they don’t use the same forms!

Good luck anyway. As there is a real shortage of carers then if they have any sense they will prefer to keep you and work around your need to work nights only.

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I asked my GP surgery for my medical notes, I needed evidence for medical retirement and benefits. £25 charge! my file was not that big, they informed me it is normally £50.
My diagnosis was on it with dates, MRI results and tests, letters from my neurologist, I made lots of copies. I would now like to get my MRI scans from the hospital… let’s hope I’m not charged another £25!

Are you in the UK. If so access to medical notes are free. I have, as of yesterday, just rang my surgery to find out if my notes are now on line. Yes was the response. I am also being sent a medical summary all free of charge. I am at a loss that if you are in the Uk you are being charged.

Could your ms nurse or neurologist write to your employer on your behalf? I would’ve thought if they did and explained that you are unable to work the day shifts your employer would be obliged to accommodate that.

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