Med less effective as day goes on?

Can anyone help? I’m on 3 x 200 mg pregabilin a day, 60 mg of baclofen. They work at the start of a day but don’t come evening. Nerve pain controlled with pregabillin I didn’t think I had any until I was late with it. But as the day wears on the pain increases. Baclofen seems to work after a good night sleep but then isn’t so effective as the days wears on it’s like the muscles just get tighter: I’m guessing my bodies way of telling me you can’t do this. I do minimal housework. Lift my baby much less than I’d like to. Life just had to go on. I know balance is the key but I don’t do a 10th of what I used to. Any advice?

Wish I could help you,

all I know is the pregabilin made me feel like the struggle up hill with MS was made twice as bad I no longer take it.

I was advised by consultant to increase Baclofen dose for the spasm pain in the evenings,if at my best in the morning decrease a.m dose.

I can only empathise with your sense of loss of what the old self used to be able to do, must be very upsetting not being able to pick up your little one as often as you want, remind yourself of all the loving things you are able to do, before too long your little one will be jumping all over you.

Hugs Pauline xx

When I had my first episode nothing would stop the nerve pain I got in msy hand, building up in the evening and by the time I went to bed I was in agony. I am on gabapentin, but increasing the dose, taking Tramadol and doing mindfulness meditation all helped me get through. It has got better now as I am no longer relapsing, just experiencing general nerve pain, so I’m still on gabapentin but not in such bad pain. I hope you find the right drugs for you

Thank you for your replies. The nerve pains ok it’s actually the muscular pain that’s worse. I think I’ve got the nerve pain under control. If I actually remember tl take my meds Em