I’m new to this site I was diagnosed with MS last October via bupa I was then transferred to the NHS clinic stating that they had a better team. I then saw a consultant in January who didn’t have any records from my bupa consultation apart from my MRI results and sent me for more blood test and scheduled a follow up appointment so I have felt like I have been in limbo. That was up until I saw a new consultant last Friday. She was lovely, very informative, recommended this site and gave me contact details for a MS nurse.

She also prescribed me Pregabalin started off with 2 tablets a day the increasing it to 3 tablets a day after a week for the tingling, numbness and pins and needles in my feet. I was wondering if anyone else is on this medication and if so how long it took for the tablets to take effect.

Thank you in advance for any information.

Hi, also pretty new to this but I was also prescribed Pregabalin for the crazy ‘fizzy’ and tiggling legs (someone else on here’s way to describe it!). Have had my dosage upped to 100mg twice a day now and it seems to have stopped it. Stopped it in it’s tracks once the dose was right.

Oooh, I knew by lunchtime the next day after taking my first tablet that it was going to be for me once my foggy head cleared. Never looked back. I’m now on the maximum dose of 600mg a day.

I think generally with symptom management drugs, you know quite quickly if you’re going to be friends! :smiley:


welcome to the site , your consultant was right to direct you here, there’s always someone who ‘gets’ what you’re asking about/talking about/feeling. re: pregabalin, i was put on 150mg twice a day, a few years ago, for pain management. it worked pretty much immediately, although i was VERY groggy for a few days. you could try speaking to your ms nurse about changing dosage or changing to another med even, we’re all different and it’s just a matter of finding what works for us.

hope you get sorted soon,

wendy x

Thank you very much for all your advise i am due to up my dose tomorrow to 3 x 25mg so I will see how i go after a few days and if not better speak to my MS nurse.

Hi, I am also on pregabalin. I am taking 75mg in a morning and 100mg at night. I am building up every fornight til I reach 400mg a day in total

I have severe pain in my heels in bed. It has affected my sleep for a few years now.

I hope you get the relief you need.

luv Pollx


I didn’t find 75mg twice a day did much for me. I’m up to 250mg twice a day, and it’s tons better. I still have some ‘fuzzy’ feelings in my feet, especially at night. I’m wary of going up to 300mg at night, but I may give it a try after a month or so on 250mg twice a day.

Good Luck. It’s made a huge difference to my 'fuzzy’ness - and I can get to sleep, which makes a huge difference to everything.

take care,


I was prescribed pregabalin back in May. Started off on a really low dose and then increased up to 100mg 3 times daily. Am now experiencing severe pain and tingling in my face along with tingling and pins and needles in my feet. MS nurse suggested i increase up to 200mg 3 times daily, so i am taking 600mg daily now. Does anyone know if this is the maximum dose and has anyone gone up to the maximum without any relief. Was just wondering where you go next if this doesn’t work?


hi max,

i can empathise with your situation, i found that the meds that i was put on (gabapentin as the first attempt, along with tramadol and ibuprofen) in the early stages after diagnosis were barely reducing my neuro pain levels, in spite of my being increased to the max. amount of gabapentin. my neurologist took me off gabapentin and switched me to pregabalin, which finally helped me. you’ll find that, for some, the exact opposite is true.

unfortunately, it’s just a case of asking your neuro/ms nurse to help you find a regime/combination of meds that will help you. i’ve since had baclofen and nortriptyline added to hit my various horrible symptoms from all sides at once.

you’re already keeping your ms nurse informed about what’s going on with your meds. if any meds aren’t helping, tell them. while i don’t suffer from it myself, it sounds like you may have the symptom: trigeminal neuralgia (face pain). there will be plenty of people here who can give advice on the subject.

i hope you get on the right meds soon.


hi i take 150mg morning and night for head pain and pins and needles etc was taking 300 morning and night but had to cut back due to mood swings and genarel abnoctous demeaner it caused at full dose go to pain clinic shortly so will see what happens next g

Just started on Pregabalin 75Mg twice a day this morning for neuropathic pain. I had built up a tolerance to the naproxen I was taking for the past 4 years and it had stopped working. No side effects to report so far.