Finally i have been started on something that might help , i hope anyways my doc said email my ms nurse and ask her what does she want him to prescribe me , 3 emails no replies so my doc emails saying my necks been in a spasm for 3 weeks and hes told to tell me to waitc1 month til i see my neuro but thankfully 2 weeks later the pain clinic takes action , i just hope this works somewhat 1 at night for 7 days then 1 at night and morning for 7 days increasing until 2 at night & morning in 1 month to 150mg twice daily , anyone else use these and did they work ?

respect sheep

Hi I am on Pregabalin. I take 150mg at night along with a Baclofen for muscle spasms. The combination seems to calm down the nerves so I can get a decent nights sleep. I was prescibed 50mg in the morning but couldnt feel any advantage so I stopped it. hope theywork for you.

I’d love to know other people’s experiences with pregabalin too!

I have recently started using it, and it has made a difference. I’m taking 200mg in the morning and 250mg in the evening. I don’t want to take more as I can sleep now, but already take loads of different pills and potions and don’t want to add to the list.

I was taking Amytriptilyne, but it didn’t make a difference. I still have some problems with strange feelings in the soles of my feet, and my toes. But not the burning craziness that stopped me sleeping.

How much pregabilin do other people take?

Hi Sheep!

Firstly, can’t help with Pregabalin, but there are plenty of users out there, so hopefully, you’ll get some replies soon!

Here’s a bump!

Best wishes

Tracyann x

ps. Hope the eye problem is now resolved.

I am on Pregabalin, I started with 25mg twice a day and building it up untill I have relief from symptoms (hard to describe weird feeling in my feet and legs). I am up to 2 x 100mg and can see a difference but it hasn’t completely settled yet. We shall see.

many thanks folks for the replies , im finding on the 75mg start dose that its interfering with the pramipexole & making the RLS start in my arms & can’t sleep again hope this changes on the higher dose.

Hi Tracyann still can’t see more than a foot with left eye )improvement from zero) & thankfully though right aches its okay at the moment another mri this week , hope your okay x

regards sheep

Hi Sheep!

Sending you lots of positive energy beams.

Be patient. Nice deep breaths. I’ve read that it can take a while for the Optic Nerve to settle down . At least things are going in the right direction.

As for me, I’m doing OK, but today my left shoulder, arm and just about everything else are feeling quite uncomfortable and I’ve still got to get out on my Monday training run…ho hum, as always, I soldier on!

Hey! A very appropriate song springs to mind. ‘D Ream’ (featuring Dr Brain Cox, no less) with ‘Things can only Get Better’.

Best wishes

Tracyann x

Doh! You know I meant… BRIAN.

See what I mean. It’s all going pete tong

I take 600mg a day 300 morning and 300 at night, been on this for a few years obviously built up to this dose, good luck x

Hi & thanks folks hope your day went okay tracy & your shoulder eased yep 15 months from total loss so if anyone gets ON total loss be patient it can take time , well ive gone from 6 to 8 codine a day & 1 to 2 diazepam a day for the last 3yrs to … drum roll … 2 codine & 2 diazepam in a fortnight because of pregabalin & even painted garden fence i hope it lasts :slight_smile: