Me suffering in silence

Twenty minutes to two and I am suffering

It’s been a great day but boy am I paying for it

XX Don

Hello Don,do you take OMEPRAZOL? It is brilliant and protects your guts from the effects of drugs,curry,booze and all the good things.If it was available over the counter they’d never sell another rennie or bottle of gaviscon.Your GP has the answer.


LOL not surprised you have indigestion Don, with or without MS or a HH lol.

Funny enough i dont do indegestion but this last week it hit me hard, after eating too much cheesecake. I used to have a huge gallstone stuck in GB many moons ago and eventually after 2 years of suffering because it was all in my head, i finally had my GB removed. After a few years my body settled back down but even now i cant eat certain things…

I really hope you get relief hun for your indigestion. Loved your blog. Happy New Year. xxx

WB I am on Panprotozol or whatever its called one twice a day but it dont stop it I have Gavescon and Pentac and I soldier on in silence.


Just had a curry that will be good for the indigestion