Heartburn, Indigestion, Oesophagus feels blocked

I used to regularly get hideous heartburn and indigestion, but now very rarely as I’m on omeprazole.

However, since Wednesday, I’ve had quite bad heartburn and indigestion, and it feels like there’s a slight blockage in my oesophagus. I’ve been on naxproxen recently and heartburn and indigestion are one of the side effects. So stopped taking them and whilst the heartburn and indigestion aren’t as bad as they have been, the oesophagus still feels like there’s something blocking it.

Anyone ever had anything like this before.


Have you tried Gaviscon liquid Derek? It might be a simplistic answer, like ‘of course I have stupid!’ But I sometimes get that utter lump in my oesophagus and have to knock back some Gaviscon ASAP.

It’s a horrible feeling.


Of course I have stupid! Gaviscon used to be my best pal. I still use it now and again. I’ve been quaffing plenty this week.

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if it doesn’t clear up, see your gp as you may need referring to a specialist.

meanwhile take gaviscon stupid!

i’ve joined the stupid club.

Thought so. Sorry.

Stupid Sue

After a week, was still getting painful heartburn and indigestion. Went to GP and was told to take double the dose of omeprazole for the next few days, which I did and it’s worked a treat. Crap joke of the day - Gav, the guy who invented heartburn medicine died yesterday. It was all very sudden and I just can’t believe that Gav is gone.

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It took me way too long to get that joke Derek. I’m glad there was a solution. Some might say a stupidly easy one!

Silly Sue x