Maybe a stupid question?

If your not actually told by the medical people, how do you know if you have had an MRI of the brain or the spine as well? I ask because I’ve been diagnosed with transverse myelitis where I believe that crosses both sides of the spinal cord but as far as I’m aware I’ve only had 2 MRIs of the brain. How would i know if they did my spine as well?

When I had my brain MRI my head was surrounded by a cage, I had full spine too and it took 90 minutes with no second scans as I didn’t move, no cage over head on spinal scan

To scan the brain, they have to put what’s called a “head coil” over your head - as rufus says, like a cage. To scan the spine, they either need to put a blanket like thing over you that is a body coil or they may have this built into the scanner’s bed. Many newer scanners have them built in.

The only way to know for sure is to phone the MRI unit where you had the scans done and ask. You can also get a copy of them (they normally make a charge for this, typically about £20).

If they diagnosed TM, then they will almost certainly have scanned your spine (unless the lesion is high up in the neck, in which case it may have shown on the brain scans).

Karen x

Mmm that’s interesting. I did have a cage thing put over my head, it was like one of those things a welder wears if you know what I mean. I had a blanket put over me but I was told that was to keep me warm…

& I was pulled out for an injection as well.

The blanket like thing doesn’t actually look like a blanket - it’s more like a large, slightly floppy, padded, heavy table mat (for want of a better description!). They probably had a built-in coil. Kx