Having Whole Spine MRI Tomorrow

Hi everyone. Hope you are all having one of our better days.

I’m having a whole spine MRI tomorrow )not brain) and wondered if you would know if I would be fitted with the dreaded head cage.

When I had my first MRI 12 years ago of spine and brain I wore the head cage and hated it.

Any info gratefully received.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Jen. I don’t mind the MRI itself but hate the head cage. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Be in touch.

Shazzie xx

I’ve only had one MRI which was without a cage, it sounds draconian. Best of luck with it Shazzie

Jan x

Hi Shazzie,

I’ve only had 1 mri, that was for spine and head, had the dreaded head cage, so can’t help either, sorry. I hated it too, Hope it goes ok. (((hugs))) think happy thoughts & sing lots of songs in your head, that’s how I got through it.

Cherry xx

good luck shazzie

hope you float through it.

carole x

Maybe they do things a bit differently over here in Canuckia…? But whilst i did have a rather fetching ‘plastic balaclava’ to wear during my cranial scan, i wouldn’t call it a cage.

Mind you, i am quite claustrophobic and have my eyes pretty much sealed shut as soon as i lie down!

However, I can confirm that for my separate thoracic and cervical scans, no such head ware was provided. The only constraints were the occasional instructions to not breathe, sneeze, sniff, cough, wriggle, etc.

unfortunately, as it’s the whole spine that’s being MRI’d, they’ll probably need to put the awful cage on, when my neck was done they had to brace me into place as it’s such a small area to look at, it was even more of a problem if there was any movement. sorry, perhaps you could take your favourite music to be played, as a bit of a distraction?!

hope it goes really quickly for you , take care,

wendy xx

Thanks everyone. Sounds horrible Paelo.

I will have to make sure I go to the loo before they do it as I don’t think I will be able to hold on if it takes too long.

Shazzie xx

I was diagnosed largely from my spinal MRI so I remember it well, NO cage And if they’re good they’ll pop a big sponge triangle under your knees that’ll make it far more comfortable for you

Sonia xx

I had the cage it’s not so bad spent an hour with it on, uncomfortable but it’s not too bad only had one mri of brain neck and spine, you get panic button try not to worry.

Good luck x

I really hope I don’t have the dreaded cage but if I do then I will just think happy thoughts. I am having it done this afternoon so will let you know how it goes.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie

I’ve had the head cage thingy

I don’t like MRI scans…full stop! I just close my eyes, soon as I lay and don’t open them again until it’s over

easy peasy, lemon squeezy

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Thanks Noreen.

I’m pleased it’s getting done as my legs have been so painful over the past few months so will be good to find out what is going on.

Thanks again for your support, as always.

Shazzie xx

We humans can put up with many things but chronic pain really does get one down. Some days you just don’t know what to do with yourself and no amount of pain meds sort it.

I hope the scan gives you some answers Shazzie


Thanks Jen and Noreen.

Chat soon

Shazzie xx