May the 4th be with you

I’m thinking it’s a Star Wars film fest today.

To get rid of all them blues that drag everyone down.

A juicey steak for lunch & a trip to the shop for some munchies.

Stay healthyish folks & eat a bowl of chill pills. They beat medication & inflation. Unless it’s an inflated friend you can trust & not a scabby dog who pushes you to self destruction, for their own dumb gain.

Terry the strawberry.

Love your message Terry . Lee and my boys are into Star Wars. You are so positive I need some of those positive vibes just now. Michelle and Frazer xx


I still love that scene with Jabba the hut when he ends up being eaten by the plant.

I took my cousin’s young son to see the first one in the Odeon in Liverpool. He cheered and clapped whenever the scene went into space. I still do the same now, even with other sci-fi.

But my favourite is still Flash Gordon. Open the fridge and smell the ham.


Am I the only one who has NEVER watched Star Wars? My 3 grandsons think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but the thought of it has never floated my boat.

Have a good day everyone.

Pam x

I’m catching some intergalactic sun rays first. We can’t miss the free vitamin D. Not in this country.

Even the birds are dropping bombs on me. Keep smelling that ham Steve. My first Odeon films were Herbie, The Dark Crystal & E.T. Star Wars opened some doors in my mind for sure. Now It’s DVD’s on the huge widescreen TV with cinema sound.


No your`e not.

I tried watching Star Wars but soon realised life is too short.

I`d rather watch The Clangers.

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The Clangers - what an absolutely great program!

And I would add Shaun the Sheep - the second movie has started pre-production and I’m very excited! Not remotely bothered about Star Wars…

Jo x

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