Massages at college salon

My local college does 75 minute aromatherapy massages for £12. Reflexology same price, they have a beauty school salon. I think I need to treat myself every few months.

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hi lenney,

aromatherapy is lovely but some oils are very powerful and may not go well with ms.

do some research.

bergamot is nice and lifts the spirits.


carole x

Thanks Carole good idea, I’m just going to ask for only using carrier oil almond oil.

Lavender is a safe oil and very relaxing. Enjoy Lenney.


l have had several aromatherapy massages at our local college. They will know what oils to use for MS. Some are for muscle fatigue - balance immune function and memory - Rosemary. Cedarwood Atlas Sweet Majoram. Or for a relaxant - stress release massage they might use Roman Chamomile -Lavender. You will be well looked after - and the trainee is under supervision all the time.

Try the reflexology as well.

And do ask if they do a ‘lower rate’ as you are disabled.

The trainees need to have a certain amount of clients that they see regularly - case studies - so you might be able to get one to come to you. l did this with a student doing sports injury massage. He came to the house every week for quite a long time. Helped alot with my walking ‘gait’.